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  1. Environmental Pollution and Immunopathology – CD ROM.
  2. General Veterinary Pathology
  3. Systemic Pathology
  4. Special Pathology-I
  5. Special Pathology-II
  6. Pathology of Cardiovascular & Respiratory System
  7. Pathology of Digestive System
  8. Reproductive Pathology
  9. Comparative Oncology
  10. Avian Pathology
  11. Pathology of Bacterial and Viral Diseases
  12. Pathology of Fungal and Parasitic Diseases
  13. Herbal Immunomodulation
  14. Cell Stress and Apoptosis: An Introduction
  15. Bacterial Diseases of Animals
  16. Viral Diseases of Animals
  17. Fungal Diseases of Animals
  18. Parasitic Diseases of Animals
  19. Miscellaneous Infectious Diseases (Chlamydial, Rickettsial, Mycoplasmal, Spirochetal, Prion) of Animals
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  21. General Veterinary Pathology
  22. Systemic Pathology
  23. Special Pathology-I (Pathology of Diseases of Animals)
  24. Special Pathology-II (Pathology of Diseases of Birds, Wild and Lab. Animals)
  25. Pathology of Bacterial Diseases
  26. Pathology of Viral Diseases
  27. Pathology of Parasitic Diseases
  28. Pathology of Fungal Diseases
  29. Pathology of Miscellaneous Diseases (Chlamydial, Rickettsial, Mycoplasmal, Spirochaetal and Prion Diseases)
  30. Diseases of Cattle and Buffaloes
  31. Diseases of Sheep and Goat
  32. Diseases of Dog and Cat
  33. Diseases of Pig
  34. Diseases of Horse, Mules and Donkeys
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  36. Diseases of Cow
  37. Haemorrhagic Septicemia (English and Hindi)
  38. Pathology of Reproductive System
  39. Pathology of cardiovascular & Respiratory System
  40. Pathology of Digestive System
  41. Comparative oncology
  42. Avian Pathology